Single: Robyn ft Snoop Dogg – U Should Know Better (2010/2013)

What the hell is going on this month? Loreen just released a video for “My Heart Is Refusing Me”, a single from her unsuccessful 2011 bid at Melodifestivalen, remixed for her year-old album. Robyn’s also getting in on the game, unexpectedly releasing a video for a track from her magnificent “Body Talk” project released in 2010.

robyn u should know betterIt’s not unwelcome though, Robyn is amazing, and the “Body Talk” project – released in three parts over the course of the year – stands up as one of my favourite albums of all time. Indeed, “U Should Know Better” really deserved to be pushed as a single at the time, and the fairly botched campaign for the albums certainly didn’t do any favours for its commercial appeal.

The video is a great concept, I really like it. Basically Robyn & Snoop couldn’t film a video together, so they have cast young versions of themselves in opposite genders to fill in for them. So there’s a young Robyn-boy and a young Snoop-girl, both instantly recognisable as their older counterparts. Robyn gets a middle-aged makeover in her cameo as the boy’s mother too, amazing.

I love the song, that buzzing bassline never lets up, and it’s a brilliantly self-aggrandising electropop song, loads of attitude without making them sound like wankers (it’s harder than it sounds). I’d love for this to be a hit these days, what’s the chance? Robyn has form on that front – “With every heartbeat” was a UK No.1 a few years after its parent album’s release. Come on, Radio 1, get it DONE!

Robyn is one of my absolute favourite popstars, and I’m so ready for another album. This has just whipped me up into another frenzy for it …


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