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Album: Perfume – “Fan Service ~ Prima Box” (2008)

I don’t want to run out of things to discover when it comes to my new favourite J-pop band Perfume, but after going to their gig in London, I immediately wanted to hear any other music I could find beyond their three studio albums. Fortunately, they have treated the fans well, and three compilation albums have been released. There is some overlap here, so for now I will start with a nice manageable piece.

perfume fan service prima boxReleased shortly before their 2008 debut studio album “Game“, “Fan Service ~ Prima Box” compiles together three singles released in the band’s early days in 2003 & 2004. Four of the tracks had already had a re-release as part of the “Perfume: Complete Best” album in the previous year, but I thought doing it this way would split the 16 collective tracks neatly in half. Continue reading


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Album: Tori Amos – “Little Earthquakes” (1992)

As I have alluded to in the past, between 2009 and 2011 I had a spell of writing reviews for a messageboard, going through different artists’ back catalogues album by album. It all started when I finally started exploring the works of Tori Amos. She had always intrigued me as an artist, and while her most commercially successful days are seemingly behind her, there were plenty of her tracks that I was vaguely aware of that I quite liked.

I think my main memory of Tori was her “From the choirgirl hotel” album, which I loved when I was about 16. As a result, I bought up some of her old albums over the ensuing years, and kept up to date with her for a good 5 years before drifting off. However the trip through her back catalogue was definitely worth doing and I felt like my horizons had been broadened to some extent as a result. Looking back, my original reviews are brief and a bit crappy, so I’m going back through the albums one more time. Wish me luck. Continue reading

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Dream a little dream of me

I have really been letting my AC duties slide during this busy time, but I have still always put in some time each day to do my daily activities: Fossil digging, brown flower watering, buying any new junk from the shops. If I’m there early enough, I’ll take some fruit to Dr Shrunk to get a new emotion, I think I’ve got 15 now… still a long way to go before I can express the full breadth of human emotion. Today I learned how to sneeze. I didn’t realise sneezing is an emotion, but there we are.

kabuki hates rainPlaying half-asleep hasn’t always gone entirely to plan, especially yesterday when I failed to bury a time capsule for Kabuki before I went to sleep. When I tried to do it today, I accidentally opened it. Kabuki demanded the parcel back since I hadn’t buried it, and was annoyed to see that I’d opened it all up. I’ll mail the present back to him I suppose, as a gesture of goodwill. Continue reading

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Whew… I don’t know if I mentioned, but I’ve been working over the weekend. It’s a hotel event that kicked off (for me at least) on Thursday. It’s a loooong weekend, and while I get a decent amount of overtime out of it, it’s still a bit of a slog.


This, but with nicer clothes

Generally things have been going well, and only a dodgy photocopier has blotted what would otherwise have been a fairly hitch-free weekend. I even banged my head on the damn paper tray while trying to clear a jam, and I have a nice red bump on my forehead to show for it. Ow.

So I’m tired. Most of the excitement today was tied up by 11am (after a 7.30 start), but staying late to get bits and bobs done, and then staying for dinner there has just exhausted me. I apologise that this means you won’t get an extravagant blog post from me today, but I hope you understand. I’ll do better next week. Continue reading

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Single: One Direction – “Best Song Ever” (2013)

Brace yourselves, it’s the slippery slope down to Christmas, and the big artists are getting their plans together. For better or worse, this category now contains One Direction, and since their album campaigns seem to have all the longevity of a daddy-long-legs, the third album is on the way.

one direction  best song everSyco have been saving up their pocket money though, and a glossy video has just ‘dropped’. Let’s hope they remembered to have a decent song too.

Well at the very least it’s different to anything they’ve released so far, a relief after their  rather repetitive (and hit-and-miss) sound of the last few albums. It’s not really much of a departure for a boyband though; a few guitars and a decent hook. I suppose that’s all people are after these days, and they’ve resisted the urge to take it to the clubz (more’s the pity). Continue reading

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