Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Open for Business

What a busy little while it’s been in my town. Day 10 passed, and with it a number of features were quietly unlocked.

T&T martFirstly Nookling Junction got its first upgrade – possible after day 10 as mayor, your first mortgage load payment (the tent) and 10,000 bells spent in the shop. It closed for a day and opened much bigger: 3 tools, medicine, 2 fortune cookies, 3 furniture items, wallpaper, flooring and a catalogue to order from. We are spoilt! Still waiting for that damned slingshot though.

Did I say the gardening shop opened next door too? That’s been there a few days, you just need to water 50 plants to set that off I think. A lovable sloth now sells plant seeds and tree saplings. The Able Sisters’ shop received a new neighbour today – shoe shop Kicks, unlocked by spending 8,000 bells at Able’s. I gather 10 days from now I might unlock the hair salon too.

The Nookling Junction upgrade also triggered a visit from psychologist/comedian Dr Shrunk. He was waiting at my door, asking for signatures on his petition to open “Club LOL” on my street. Easy enough, and he’ll open up soon.

dr shrunkFinally, the “Dream House” was unlocked as a community project on Day 7, and after asking Isabelle and forking out 248,000 bells, it opened the next day. It allows you to sync your town to the internet, and allow other people to visit essentially a read-only version of it without you needing to play, if they have your town address. You get paid 5,000 bells every time you sync too! Likewise you can visit other people’s towns via this place. I haven’t done it yet though.

I’ve barely been keeping up this week despite all this excitement. I’m saving up to pay off my top floor extension. That shouldn’t take much longer now. My rooms still look a bit of a mess though, I hope I can start to get a sensible theme going soon.

I must find time to catch a violin beetle before the end of the month, they only appear on tree stumps apparently. Let’s hope they don’t mind the rain, it’s been chucking it down today, a lightning storm I think!

I think my town much be nearly full though, with ten villagers in total – Peck the bird joined me a few days ago. Drago the alligator/dragon threatened to leave though, noooooo… but I think I convinced him. All in a day’s work.

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