Good God this week has been exhausting. It’s not over yet (well duh, it’s Wednesday), but I’ve got rid of two particularly stressy tasks today.

Firstly (well, secondly, I only just did it), I’ve submitted yet another application to my target employer in the hope that I might even get an interview this time. I’ve applied for a few jobs there and only ever got the rather stark “Sorry but thanks for playing” letter back to ruin my weekend. This is the one though, it’s going to happen. Hmm. Whatever, I’ve applied now.

yattaSecondly (well, firstly) I had my big Japanese exam. Not one you’d have heard of, I’m still doing my evening class that I started in 2008. I had the terrifying speaking exam, involving presenting a 1 minute speech about a photo I provided, and another 1 minute speech about a book I’d read, and some opinions about my exam partner’s book that she’d just told me about.

Fortunately I managed to pass them both. The first speech I even got 10/10 for, whoop!! That’s progress at least! The only slightly sad note is that it now seems likely that our big group is going to split up after this term. It’s been a bit strained recently as part of the group started to feel the burn a bit too much as we pressed on with new grammar.

While I love the group dynamic we have, the last thing I wanted was for people to stay in a class they couldn’t keep up with just so the minimum quota of students was met. It’s not all bad, the teacher said she’s happy to provide lessons at her house so I think everyone will get to continue studying.

I just need to pull my finger out and do some study over the long summer break… good luck with that.

amsterdamSo yeah, I’m burnt out and that’s why you’re getting a diary entry today instead of a review of something.

Added to all this, I’m off to Amsterdam for 3 nights from Sunday but I’ll try to pre-blog some stuff for the days I’m not here. Does anyone care? I care!

Right, just need to sort out my Animal Crossing village and I think I’m sorted for the day! Time for a coma… and then two stressful days of work. Fun!


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