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Single: Lana Del Rey – “Young and Beautiful” (2013)

What to make of Lana? She’s been toast of the town for over a year now, with her unique(?) brand of miserablism and deadpan vocals gracing many iPods of the trendy (not that I know any of them). But I’ve really struggled to get on board the Lana train.

lana del rey young and beautifulHer hit singles “Video Games” and “Born to die” were pretty good, that spooky old-fashioned vocal really fits some tracks perfectly, and it was a great launchpad for her career. I had her down as a bit of a humourless robot until she won a Brit award and revealed herself to be human after all, and even quite sweet.

I admit I haven’t given “Born to Die” (the album) much of a spin, apart from when I was trying to get to sleep on a long-haul flight (it didn’t work). But she’s one of those artist’s I’d really like to like, and I may well persevere. I think it’s just the prospect of a whole album of those laconic vocals that I’m not too excited about. Continue reading

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