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Eurovision 2013: My #30 – 21

I promise to get this done soon, it feels like so long ago since Eurovision, to the point where there is plenty of news already about next year’s Danish contest, including the amazing and shocking news that San Marino’s two-time representative confirmed she is going for a third attempt.

You can skip back to #39-31 or ahead to #20-11, #10-6 and the top 5, as well as the Malmö 2013 hub for everything I’ve ever written about this year’s contest.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

But before we get ahead of ourselves, how about dealing with the 2013 contest? I loved this year’s entries. It may have been difficult to zero in on a winner, but even the mid-table songs on my countdown are pretty good, and I imagine I’ll keep a lot of them for the iPod after this is all over. So without further ado… Continue reading


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