Single: Little Mix – “How Ya Doin?” (2013)

Well I was going to do a bigger post but my cow of a landlady demanded we tidy the house & garden with a few hours notice. Hmph.

little mix how ya doinSo, Little Mix got a top 5 album in the USA earlier this month, who the hell saw that coming? No big hit singles to hint that it was coming either, I guess the British Invasion has reached a point where it doesn’t need to try as hard these days. Or people are really that interested in Zayn from 1D’s girlfriend Perrie (short for perineum). Not that I begrudge Little Mix of this success, they are definitely one of the best winners from the UK X-Factor, and their victory against all the odds made it all the sweeter.

They aren’t quite having such an effortless time in the UK, I think the album – while it sold decent numbers during Christmas – might have underperformed a bit, but I think they just need the right song. In the UK at least it doesn’t seem that “How Ya Doin?” is that song, but it feels like their best-fitting single yet.

It’s got a catchy 90s RnB vibe about it, not a surprise in itself, as En Vogue’s “Don’t let go (love)” was their breakthrough performance on X-Factor, and it’s clearly a sound that Little Mix are comfortable with. They can have some attitude without being too brash and awful like the vile StooShe (I mean, come on!). It doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel, girlbands have been doing this sort of thing for decades, but the video is slick, maybe they have some money behind them after all.

little mixFor this single they rope in serial collaborator Missy Elliott for a feature rap – not sure it’s her best moment but she’s not tarnished by this comparatively low-rent collaboration, and it can’t hurt the girls’ chances in the States.

I didn’t originally think this was a knockout pop song in the way that “DNA” and “Wings” were, but that chorus really hits the nostalgia button. I think it perhaps was a risky move to release this when the album campaign was grinding to a halt, but I suppose it’s the closest they’ve yet come to that En Vogue moment again. For now, it seems that their future is looking bright – enough for another album at least, if that was in any doubt before. I’ll keep rooting for the girls, I’ll check out the album soon.


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