Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Onwards & Upwards

Animal Crossing is turning into a serious addiction now, it was inevitable … It’s likely that when my first week finishes, I’ll have reached 24 hours of gameplay, is that a worry?

acnl deirdreEither way, my sleepy town is developing nicely, and many new features have been unlocked. The island is now accessible although I haven’t done much more than a few tours there at the moment. I didn’t realise you could just wander around another section catching rare fish & bugs and collecting tropical fruit … I need to get on that! The tours are fun though, I’ve heard there are a lot to try out.

I’ve managed several loan repayments, I think one each day. Yesterday I paid off the final expansion of the central room, which is looking nice and big now, and Nook has just hit me with a 248k bell bill for a top floor. Hoo… I just wish I had enough stuff to make a theme, my living room is full of a lot of strange crap. I’m looking for the Alpine set though, very IKEA/70s pine furniture, I like it!

I’ve now got a full set (I think) of villagers, having been joined by the amazing Deirdre the deer, Margie the elephant and today Cheddy the mouse (who appears to be made of Swiss cheese, the freak). I haven’t seen Drago for a few days though, I’m worried he’s going to try and escape. Though having visiting Kabuki’s house for the first time, his house is CRAMMED with Japanese set stuff. I need to find a way to extract that from him!

I got my 100% mayoral approval rating though, and a development permit that enabled me to complete my first project – an urgently needed second bridge. A new shop is being built, I suspect it’s the garden centre, which should be good, I think I can finally buy that axe! *plots*

acnl gulliverOtherwise it’s business as usual. I’m only really getting enough time at the moment to do my daily chores – watering, finding fossils, checking the rocks – and clearing out the shops and catching enough fish to get some serious bells. My run of catching sharks has certainly helped there, though I haven’t seen many rare fish yet. But I’ve written the “Night Owl” ordinance into law, so the shops should stay open later from tomorrow. I feel a bit mean forcing my villagers to stay up later too though, what’s the punishment!?

I just want some more special visitors. I think I’ve missed a few, I’ve had Redd twice, Katie the lost cat (what a pain), Joan the turnip slave and Gulliver the seagull, who gave me a Statue of Liberty. At least I’m not cleaning up his damned UFO pieces like in Wild World.

I guess at the weekend I’ll make more of an effort to catch some of the more elusive creatures, do more on the island and start some hybrid beds. And get some bloody flooring! When will Nookling Junction expand?? Sigh…

If you got through this whole post without having any idea about the game then well done!


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