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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Onwards & Upwards

Animal Crossing is turning into a serious addiction now, it was inevitable … It’s likely that when my first week finishes, I’ll have reached 24 hours of gameplay, is that a worry?

acnl deirdreEither way, my sleepy town is developing nicely, and many new features have been unlocked. The island is now accessible although I haven’t done much more than a few tours there at the moment. I didn’t realise you could just wander around another section catching rare fish & bugs and collecting tropical fruit … I need to get on that! The tours are fun though, I’ve heard there are a lot to try out.

I’ve managed several loan repayments, I think one each day. Yesterday I paid off the final expansion of the central room, which is looking nice and big now, and Nook has just hit me with a 248k bell bill for a top floor. Hoo… I just wish I had enough stuff to make a theme, my living room is full of a lot of strange crap. I’m looking for the Alpine set though, very IKEA/70s pine furniture, I like it! Continue reading

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