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Film: “Man of Steel” (2013)

Good lord, where would you START to clean up a mess like we ended up with at the end of “Man of Steel”?? It boggles the mind, so many broken windows… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Yes, after a long while in the Phantom Zone of Development Hell, Superman gets the reboot treatment, quietly trying to pretend “Superman Returns” never happened (what was so bad about it?)

But it’s not a dark reboot particularly, Superman’s origins are pretty fraught with difficult events and this film doesn’t seek to change that. Krypton is still doomed, Clark is still brought up in Smallville by the Kents, Clark still struggles with his split identity brought on by superhuman powers, and there’s a Kryptonian threat forcing him to choose between his adopted race and own species.

The flashback method of recounting Clark’s back-story is done gradually and it feels natural despite its choppy nature. Bigger budgets mean that the death of Krypton could be told for the first time with visuals to match the scale of the events. It’s no secret that General Zod is the big bad for the movie, and he makes for a tough and unrelenting threat. Continue reading


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