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Single: Union J – “Carry You” (2013)

Oh boybands, they are everywhere, and no doubt always will be. Just when you think they’re on the way out, you get something like One Direction taking advantage of the fact that labels temporarily forgot that girls like boys, and reap the benefits.

union j carry youOne Direction are a case study in a little going a long way, and while they’ve had a few good songs I’ve never seen much value in them. Not least now because most of them are covering themselves in repulsive tattoos. The brand is certainly not what it was a few years ago, and it’s changing at such a rate that I’m convinced something it going to ruin it all soon.

Fortunately we have a spare. Also from the UK’s X-Factor, “Union J” were similarly put together on the show, with the addition of George to existing group Triple J. After a shaky start that saw them eliminated from the contest but brought back when another group dropped out, the group went from strength to strength. Continue reading


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