Animal Crossing: New Leaf – The morning after the launch night before

It’s finally  here, the latest installment of the amazing “Animal Crossing” series. I’ve been quietly frothing about this for a while, having poured hours, days, weeks into “Animal Crossing: Wild World” on the Nintendo DS about 7 years ago. The Wii one didn’t really do it for me, this really is made for portable consoles, and the 3DS is stepping up.

animal_crossing_new_leaf_box_art_north_americaI took a half-day on Friday and fortunately it had arrived in the post. 6 other members of my family had copies too, so I think it’s fair to say we’re in it for the long haul. The first play was familiar, but somehow it was still exciting.

I’m the accidental mayor of a village, populated by several walking talking animal villagers. I’m supposed to take care of them, watering the plants, landscaping the place, commissioning community projects, as well as looking after my own house and its contents. Money to do these things can be generated from fishing, bug-catching, digging up treasure, shaking fruit & crap out of trees and even playing the stock market (with turnips, the “Stalk” market).

It all sounds humdrum when I explain it, but the pleasure is in setting your own goals and hobbies, whether it be filling up the museum with all the different fish, bugs, fossils or art you can find, or just styling your perfect house and outfit. It’s a lot more versatile this time around and it’ll be cool to explore the new features.

So I’m thinking of doing some diary entries every so often, and the first few days have had a lot going on

Day 1

After taking care of a few pleasantries – a town pass, planting a ceremonial tree, getting a tent to live in from hateful Tom Nook – I was left to settle in. Money is quite easy to come by if you put the time in, particularly fishing. I only had a butterfly net in my shop but was able to trade a spare for a rod later on.

tom nookTIP – Once you’re set up in your home, keep bugging Isabelle in Town Hall, she’ll give you lots of little jobs to do. As you get through these, she will give you a basket of non-native fruits, plant these with at least one square of space around each tree, their fruit are worth a lot more! Later she’ll suggest you fish or catch bugs, say you want to do the one with the tool you couldn’t buy. If you tell her you’re having trouble she’ll sell you the tool you need. After the last mission, she’ll give you a watering can!

My native fruits are pears, I even got a “perfect” pear on one tree, worth a lot more but the trees that grow from them are only temporary so stockpile when you can! I got peaches from Isabelle too, and cherries from a friend. The enterprise begins!

I have five villagers at the moment. Kabuki the cat and Curly the pig are fitness freaks, Mallary the duck is a bit of an asshole while Freckles the duck is very sweet. My favourite is Drago the dragon – apparently he’s an alligator but he’s always talking about fire and he looks like a dragon so… Anyway I managed to pay off the 10,000 bells to buy a house, which is getting built around me while I sleep!

Day 2 – Bug-off

kabuki acThe bug-off tournament kicked off at 9am, hosted by Nat the chameleon on the plaza. There were trophies for the most impressive bugs – the rarest were the best, with bonus points for being big for their species and having a beautiful colouring. After setting a record with a Tiger Beetle, Kabuki stole the show with a 92pt Birdwing and I was stuck in 3rd when they called time. Annoying as I gave/fed some new bugs to Nat so I’ll need more to put in the museum. Conversely I put my only Birdwing in the museum and never saw another potential winner … I certainly don’t trust Nat not to eat the entries either.

Deflated, I milled around, selling fish to put off the next mortgage, meaning I’ll get an expansion tomorrow morning. I’m well on the way to paying off tomorrow’s mortgage too after a fruitful time spent fishing. It’ll be better once I’ve put most species in the museum and I can just sell everything. I got a few types of sharks too, they are worth big bells! By chance I managed to spot and catch a tarantula too! The trouble I had getting those on Wild World…

I’m told I can unlock an island if I’ve paid off my second loan, but Tortimer hasn’t shown up as expected. Hmm… fingers crossed. After building up a healthy bell total for tomorrow, I think it’s time to call it a day…



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