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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – The morning after the launch night before

It’s finally  here, the latest installment of the amazing “Animal Crossing” series. I’ve been quietly frothing about this for a while, having poured hours, days, weeks into “Animal Crossing: Wild World” on the Nintendo DS about 7 years ago. The Wii one didn’t really do it for me, this really is made for portable consoles, and the 3DS is stepping up.

animal_crossing_new_leaf_box_art_north_americaI took a half-day on Friday and fortunately it had arrived in the post. 6 other members of my family had copies too, so I think it’s fair to say we’re in it for the long haul. The first play was familiar, but somehow it was still exciting.

I’m the accidental mayor of a village, populated by several walking talking animal villagers. I’m supposed to take care of them, watering the plants, landscaping the place, commissioning community projects, as well as looking after my own house and its contents. Money to do these things can be generated from fishing, bug-catching, digging up treasure, shaking fruit & crap out of trees and even playing the stock market (with turnips, the “Stalk” market). Continue reading

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