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Film: “After Earth” (2013)

With Father’s day mere days away, what could be more heartwarming than a film starring a real-life father and son playing a father and son. The father is taking his son to work to bond with him, how it would warm the cockles of your heart!

Well not really, the father is an emotionally closed-down supersoldier, and his son is a wannabe supersoldier who – being 14 – is nothing BUT emotion and daddy issues. Taking him to work involves a routine space flight to another planet just days before father’s retirement (no really), during which some science happens and they plucky duo end up the only two stranded survivors on a quarantined Earth, now populated with terrifying beasts like birds, pigs, monkeys and a Cloverfield monster.

With Dad seriously injured, it’s up to the inexperienced son to go on a quest to find the nuclear-powered distress iPod, defeat the boss character and become a man. Continue reading

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