Hungary’s Got Talent! I mean erm…

Well the much-lauded Great British Public have done something right for a change, voting Hungarian shadow-theatre act Attraction as the winners of Britain’s Got Talent. I suppose I thought there might be a bit of negativity towards them as a foreign act, but seeing Psy performing a Korean-language interval act after selling a million downloads, I guess things are changing finally!

attractionWhile I thought Attraction’s act in the grand final was pretty shameless, brazenly after the patriotism vote, I’m sure their hearts are in the right place. Personally I think they deserved to win purely on the strength of their other two performances (see below) that told heartbreaking stories simply and effectively. I’m glad BGT has managed to find something as special as that.

I mean they picked a performing dog last year, how much more end-of-the-pier could it have got?

It was a good final, even if it was bogged down with a lot of child performers, something I’ve never been that comfortable with – particularly hoochie-dancing foetuses Pre-Skool. I just hope they aren’t messed up by this show. Jack Carroll, the 14-year-old Cerebral Palsy suffering comedian certainly brought the laughs, but I still just felt it was too much too soon. I really question the decision to put your kids on a big stage like that.

Arixandra was pretty great though, I think she’ll be incredible in a few years’ time. Luminites also I think will be just fine, you could practically hear Simon Cowell’s cash-register eyes lighting up with them. While they aren’t something I’d normally listen to, their potential is undeniable. I mean Jesus, they can’t be worse role models than N-Dubz, right?

Anyway, congratulations Attraction – just stick to what you’re best at, and leave the crass patriotism out of it…


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