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Film: “The Great Gatsby” (2013)

Finally I managed to see “The Great Gatsby”, I suppose everyone’s seen it by now? Well, if you have no idea, it’s the latest lavish Baz Luhrmann film and an adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s acclaimed novel.

I’ve even read the book (yes, I read!). I read it when I was working through the BBC’s “Big Read” top 100 books to try and read as many as I could. I can’t say it made much of an impact on me, I think my brain isn’t compatible with acclaimed literature. On the upside, I could watch the film without the burden of expectation, a strong image of how I thought it should look, or judging it against the book as people are prone to doing.

As you’d expect from a Baz Luhrmann film, it was a visual feast. After hooking me with “Moulin Rouge”, I don’t think he can make a small movie. “Australia” was relatively sedate, but the sheer scale of the environment still made it feel like a massive film. In “The Great Gatsby” he crams every inch with vibrant characters, parties and glitter. Continue reading


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