Single: Perfume – “Magic of Love” (2013)

Well I know a lot of you don’t care about J-Pop, but quite frankly I’ve managed to full the blog with months worth of niche interest stuff and it hasn’t done much harm. There’ll be a film review tomorrow, how about that?

perfume magic of loveAnyway, I love Perfume. They are my new favourite Japanese act, and I’m excited to be going to see their London show next month, their first mini-tour outside Asia. I’m trying to catch up with their back catalogue after first hearing “Spring of Life” last year. I really enjoyed “JPN“, loved “Triangle“, and I’m getting close to reviewing “Game”, so watch this space.

However in the intervening year they still haven’t brought out the album “Spring of Life” came from. In Japan, pop acts seem to release nearly all the singles before the album comes out. “Magic of Love” is the fourth single, so it can’t be long!

Anyway, “Magic of Love” is a typically upbeat dancepop song, just in time for the nice weather of Spring and Summer. After finding the translated lyrics, it’s about what you’d imagine, the magic of love, its mystery and how it makes life more exciting. As with a lot of Perfume songs it’s bursting with energy, and come with a beautifully colourful video and another complex dance routine.

perfume 2I can’t wait for this album, they seem to be getting better and better with each release, and the prospect of seeing them live is incredibly exciting for me. It seems they are excited too – read their interview with the Japanese embassy in the UK about their upcoming show. Rest assured I’ll write about the show when I go on July 6th.

The video doesn’t seem to be up in full on Youtube, but an unofficial account has put it on Vimeo. But there’s a clip below.



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