Single: Jedward – “Luminous” (2012)

Yeah Yeah I know, Jedward right? In their defence I thought they did great at Eurovision, moreso their 2011 entry “Lipstick” than 2012’s “Waterline”. After a few years of bothering the British Isles with various irritating covers and reality TV appearances, they finally found their niche.

jedwardIreland were happy with their top 10 finish in 2011 and thought “That went better than expected, let’s just try that again”. Jedward were happy too, thinking “That went better than expected, now let’s show Europe we aren’t just a gimmicky act”. Stripped of their usual novelty – and often their clothes, seriously, a press-up won’t kill you – the result was enjoyable but lacked that spark we’d grudgingly grown to appreciate from them.

Their reception in Baku was lukewarm, but they’d seen the potential that Eurovision exposure offers and had carved out a decent little career in Europe, particularly Sweden. But without the hair, the backflips, the novelty, where are they? They aren’t great singers, so the obvious direction to take was dance-pop. If it goes well, they could have a decent thing going as Swedish celebrities, like A1 did in Norway. They’ve already performed at Melodifestivalen, a pretty huge gig for them. Could this happen?

Well you need more material first, and fortunately the Swedes were on hand with a track that would certainly make Avicii’s lawyers raise an eyebrow. The result is pretty good though. Although it’s 6 months old now, it’s sounding pretty good in the belated Spring sunshine.

jedward 2OK their vocals aren’t amazing, the verses are pretty limp, but the bridge is climactic and the chorus is catchy as hell, even if that synth-riff is a little repetitive. It does sort of remind me of MOST uplifting but insubstantial dance-pop songs of the last 5 years, but they’ve picked an unusual title for the whole song to turn around on, and they get away with it. And who’s going to critique their vocals when they’re hearing this on the dancefloor at some grotty club?

I hope this is the start of a reinvention for the boys, and I’m amazed I didn’t appreciate how well they would fit into the Swedish musical landscape. Who knows, maybe they’ll end up back at Eurovision one year, but with snooty Ireland shunning them this year (and subsequently licking its wounds) with something just as generic, I’d love to see them represent someone else.

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One response to “Single: Jedward – “Luminous” (2012)

  1. Jenny Stardust

    i love jedward, they are the sweetest ever. Luminous is so beautiful.

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