Single: Paramore – “Still into you” (2013)

See look, I’m down with the kidz, I’m listening to Paramore. People have been bleating on at me for ages to listen to them, but I haven’t quite been grabbed by them yet. Despite success on the UK album charts, they haven’t really had that big breakthrough single that’s brought them attention beyond people who are “into that sort of thing”.

paramore still into youI really like “Still into you” though, with presumably means that if any fans ask me what my favourite Paramore song is, their face will darken when I say this, I gather this isn’t what they normally sound like.

The band have been through some upheaval in the last year, with two of its founding members leaving in a messy split, but Paramore continued. Previous album “Brand New Eyes” was a big hit, crystallising the slow-burning fanbase that developed during the campaign for second album “Riot”.

I don’t think I’d heard anything so poppy from Paramore before, but it’s certainly a welcome change. For a lazy comparison it feels like No Doubt doing a Kelly Clarkson song (that’s good, at least to me). It’s got a nice singalong quality to it, infectiously upbeat and with a lovely simple video to go along with it.

paramoreHayley Williams has shown her commercial potential with her big B.O.B. duet “Airplanes” a few years ago, and she just feels like a label’s dream – pretty, talented, charismatic, cool. While Gwen Stefani never really started out appealing to a demographic, in a cynical way I can see Hayley being a prime asset for the label, and if Paramore ever go South I expect a solo career won’t be far behind.

“So into you” is a giddy love song, recounting key moments in a relationship. It feels like this should be a radio hit, and perhaps the breakthrough song UK radio has been looking for. Its chart performance in the UK suggests that it might not quite reach that tipping point, but it’s certainly an interesting taster for me. I might give their latest album a spin and see where I get.


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