Single: Eric Saade – “Winning Ground” (2013)

Since I’m on a roll, let’s have a look at some more Scandinavian pop. After yesterday’s review of Anton Ewald’s debut EP, one of his Melodifestivalen predecessors is back in town.

eric saade winning groundEric Saade, former member of boyband Whats Up (with, among others, Swedish Eurovision 2013 entry Robin Stjernberg), was pursuing a reasonably successful solo career before he ended up in 2010’s Melodifestivalen. He took “Manboy” to third place, while winner Anna Bergendahl saw Sweden miss their first Eurovision final for over 30 years.

Momentum built behind Eric during the next year, and he returned to Melodifestivalen in 2011 with the amazing “Popular”, winning it by a wide margin. His success continued in Dusseldorf, as “Popular” not only qualified but came 3rd in the Eurovision final.

A rapid-fire assault of two albums were released in the following two months, “Saade Vol.1” & “Saade Vol. 2“, both going platinum in Sweden and filling up cardio playlists on Swedophile iPods around the globe.

eric saade winning ground 2While we wait for his fourth studio album in summer, he’s released a “Coming Home” EP which I’ll review soon, and also the anthem for the Women’s UEFA Euro 2013 football tournament, held in Sweden.

Instantly, “Winning Ground” feels like your typically energetic and uplifting Eric song. Reminiscent of big euphoric dance hits from David Guetta and his endless parade of R’n’B star vocalists, this ticks all the boxes for an official football theme song.

Lots of language about getting ready, overcoming adversity and vaguely sporty phrases. Perhaps a little clumsily it tries to weave this all together, but the spirit is right. I’ve certainly heard worse official football event tracks, and while it doesn’t exactly break new ground for Eric’s sound, it stands up with some of the better tracks on the “Saade” volumes.

I hope his upcoming album takes a few more risks and doesn’t just end up being “Saade Vol.3” by another name, even if I would still probably enjoy that rather a lot.

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