Single: Kleerup ft Loreen – “Requiem Solution” (2013)

Yes I know I did a Loreen single a few days ago, but I meant to write this review ages ago and it’ll only be a worse time if I wait. Plus I’m really exhausted with this blog at the moment, it’s just been a long month!

kleerup loreen requiem solutionI’m not sure where this figures into the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t on Kleerup’s 2012 album “Aniara”, nor Loreen’s 2013 album “Heal“, even in its 2013 re-release. But whatever, a collaboration between them seems like a Swedophile’s wet dream.

Kleerup might not be an instantly familiar name (Loreen should be, and if not, DO CATCH UP), but he scored a shock UK #1 in 2007 – “With every heartbeat”, a collaboration with Swedish superstar Robyn. I loved that, as well as the gorgeous “Longing for Lullabies” from his debut self-titled album that same year. So basically “Requiem Solution” is a dream duet for people into that sort of thing.

kleerup loreenThey mesh well together as artists, with the result easily fitting into both of their catalogues. Loreen brings her trademark haunted vocals and occasionally poor enunciation, while a cold Nordic atmosphere is generated by Kleerup’s beeps and synth swirls.

Sure it doesn’t have the commercial thrust that made “With every heartbeat” such a big hit, but I can’t imagine that was the point. I love the strings on it, it’s just everything I really want from my dark Scandinavian mood music. Another artist to add to the “must investigate” list…

Only thing I get though, why on Earth didn’t they perform this at the Eurovision first semi final? They were both performing separately, and I can’t say I was mad about the Northern Lights segment Kleerup soundtrack. Oh well!


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