Chill out

God I love May. Obviously there’s Eurovision that keeps me busy, but the UK also gets two public holidays. They aren’t religious or anything, so that means no cards to buy, no family obligations, just time to catch up. I needed it this week, I don’t think I had quite slept off the previous week in Sweden, so that had been hanging over me all week.

But I’m well-rested, I’ve uploaded all my holiday photos to Facebook – with exhausting amounts of captions – and my to-do list is almost empty. That’s how I like it. Just time to pig out and eat takeaway pizza before the weather turns nasty.

overweight boba fettI went to Collectormania though, an eye-opener as usual. To be honest I knew I wasn’t going to see any of the big stars there, and as it was the third day most of them weren’t even there. I saw Desmond off Lost, a very shrivelled looking R2D2 and an apparently bastardly Lou Ferrigno. I didn’t have any interest in the action figures and comics though, I just wanted a walk around. Got loads of Streetpasses though, and felt a lot better about where I fit in on the spectrum of nerdiness, hooray!

I just need something to focus on now, I have a few Eurovision bits to finish off – namely my rundown of my favourite entries, and the split of jury votes vs televotes when it gets released, but that’s about it. Only 18 days before Animal Crossing comes out though, *squee*.

Until then though, I think I’ll just enjoy a bit of down-time.

What a boring post. Maybe some bees will help!


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