Single: Daft Punk – “Get Lucky” (2013)

I felt like I had to write a review of this, as a compromise from having to listen to “Random Access Memories” any more. For perhaps the most hyped album since what … Gaga(?), Daft Punk returned for their first studio album since 2005’s “Human After All” (unless you count the pretty awesome Tron Legacy soundtrack).

As feared, I just have NOT clicked with the new album at all, where are the tunes? Whatever, I’ll leave it to the musos to wank on about it, there aren’t enough hours in the day quite frankly.

A little behind the times with this review, as “Get Lucky” is making a big splash in the UK, topping the charts for four weeks, selling over 100,000 copies per week – practically unheard of. Yesterday it became the biggest selling single of 2013 in the UK. Topping charts around the world (pun intended), “Get Lucky” is shaping to be Daft Punk’s most successful single to date.

I just can’t help but think it’s no “One More Time” is it? I mean sure, as far as this sort of old-school disco funk goes, it still sounds very polished and contemporary, but I just don’t feel it will have anywhere near the saturation that the “Discovery” singles did.

I wish they’d do a bloody video too, I HATE that the download age seems to have killed off the concept of a music video premiere for the biggest artists. This song reportedly took 5 years to make (!), and they managed to make a short visual clip to tease the song, which has been looped around to make a reasonable attempt at a video. MTV must be pulling their hair out these days.

Look, I’m not a cool person, I doubt I ever will be. I’m sure plenty of people will be stroking their chins to this, nodding sagely about how it samples so-and-so and is an homage to such-and-such. I just want a tune that will sound good in the car, or in the summer, or in a bar, or whatever.

It plods along nicely, and I’ve always been quite fond of Pharrell’s vocals generally, even if his blissful mugging away in the video is a bit of a turn-off. It just doesn’t feel like Daft Punk, and I liked them. Please come back.


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