Writer’s Block

I feel encouraged to continue writing every day. I have posted every day for well over a year now, with perhaps the occasional day off. It’s exhausting, and it’s difficult to think of something new each day.

gillian andersonFortunately, I’ve normally got a limitless supply of stuff to shove out there: Eurovision stuff, music, film, tv reviews etc. but I just don’t have it in me tonight. The prospect of another year of trying to keep the momentum going is a little daunting, particularly when people get tired of looking for Eddie Razaz with his nipples out. Actually forget that, I know I’ll never get tired of that.

I think I’m just worn out. I had a few long nights in Sweden, and I haven’t quite had the chance to sleep them off yet. I overslept for work yesterday, and I’m just limping to the end of the week. It’s a Bank Holiday weekend too, fuck yeah! At least I can sleep it off then.

I’m going to Collectormania at the weekend, not because I particularly want to see anyone (OMG Gillian Anderson), but it’ll be a laugh, I’ll get some 3DS Streetpasses no doubt, and I’ll come out with a sense of feeling quite cool and hygienic in comparison to the nerds that will be out there. OMG Gethin Anthony. I didn’t know his name but I fancied him on Game of Thrones. Well, whatever, I hope I’ll see someone, they had them in little tents last time so you couldn’t take photos without paying, bloody mercenaries.

dairy milk with oreoWell, it seems I don’t have writer’s block, I’m just finally living up to the title of this blog. Perhaps it won’t just be verbal diarrhoea I’ll be suffering from if I don’t stop eating Cadbury’s Dairy Milk with Oreo. It’s gorgeous *inhales*. NEXT STOP, MY THIGHS etc.

I’m a little annoyed that I can’t use Instagram.com to upload photos I’ve already got on my computer and do my business with them. I’ve got a fair few nice photos, but it looks like you can only upload them from your phone? Bullshit! I can get around it, but why bother? I’m going to add some sort of photo feed on the sidebar soon I think, I just need my photos somewhere I can make that happen.

Right, early night for me. Sorry for the scattergun approach to tonight’s blog, but at least you can just look for Eddie Razaz’s nipples if you like. It’s perpetually in the “Most read posts” thing on the side. That’s some hot blogging.


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