Well, it’s all over isn’t it? I know a fair few of you are out there thinking “Thank God he’s going to stop the barrage of Eurovision posts”. And that’s fine, I totally understand, I don’t expect really anyone to be interested in it, the same way I’m not interested in football or opera or gardening.

comedown catBut it’s my hobby, finally something I can really throw myself into wholeheartedly. I just wish I’d thrown myself into something a little less seasonal. Sure, there will be drips and drabs of Denmark 2014 news through the year, and national finals will kick off in December, but there’s suddenly a bit of a void there after something that took up so much of my time.

It paid off in blog views, I peaked at 10,000 views in one day last Sunday, nearly 4x my personal best. Sure, most of it was driven by that “Men of Malmö” post, which does kind of make a mockery of all those hours I’ve poured into writing blog posts. But ho hum, they did decently in their own way.

I think my lasting impression of Eurovision is that it really did bring people together. You might think it was just swarms of gays getting overexcited about camp disco, and of course there is some element of that, but the arena was full of families, friends and fans from all over Europe.

I had a fan pass that gave me free bus travel, which had my name and country on the front. Many people had these, and while waiting in lifts, buses or queues, you’d see them peering at your pass to see where you were from. Naturally I did the same, and often these strangers would just start chatting to you. I don’t think I’d get that anywhere else with such regularity, and it was a heartwarming feeling.

But now I’m back home, on my equivalent of January 2nd, with months stretching ahead. I need to book a holiday to look forward to, any suggestions? I need a new job. Eurovision opened my eyes again to all sorts of things, and the possibilities of the big wide world. My job right now just makes the world feel so small. It’s secure and safe, but ultimately restricted, predictable and suffocating.

This sounds a bit bleak I suppose, I think I’m still just tired, and in need of a project or hope for something interesting on the horizon. I haven’t seen it yet, but I hope I do soon.

It has been an easier few days than expected, without wanting to sound too pathetic, I felt that some people missed me while I was gone – I mean that more that it was only a week so I wouldn’t expect it, but there has just been a nice supportive atmosphere around at the moment and it’s much appreciated.

I need some new music to listen to. New Daft Punk album?


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