Live in Malmö: Eddie Razaz, Stockholm Syndrome, Pay-TV

I thought it would be a bit odd for this blog to have a rare day off on actual Eurovision day, so you can hear all about my night out instead. I’ll add some photos when I’m back home.

Eddie RazazI felt a bit lost yesterday, Friday was the first day since I’d arrived in Malmö that I hadn’t gone to a show in Malmö Arena. To calm the shakes, we went to the EuroCafe in Folkets Park for a Schlager blowout. After a very quiet start to the night, things quickly picked up when Eddie Razaz took to the stage.

A Melodifestivalen 2013 alumnus, Eddie hasn’t quite got the back catalogue of some of the veteran MF acts, but he really got everyone going with his 3-song set. Of course I think he’s gorgeous, and that might have been what got me to the Cafe last night, but he was a great singer! He performed “Warrior” (I think that’s the name), and a new midtempo song, as well as his MF2013 entry “Alibi” which didn’t sound any less anthemic in the small venue.

I hope he comes to the UK soon when his upcoming solo album is finished, if only for me to seek out a desperate photo with him!

stockholmsyndromeStockholm Syndrome (formerly Love Generation) took to the stage later on and delivered a long and crowd-pleasing set. They performed the LG Melodifestivalen songs “Dance Alone” and “Just a little bit”, some Stockholm Syndrome songs that sounded great, and a few covers – a Calvin Harris medley of “Feels so close” and “We found love”, and an odd choice of a closing song, covering DJ Fresh’s “Hot right now”.

I wish they had performed “Love Generation” too, but I guess after the name change it would be a bit strange! They really got the fans going though, with everyone going nuts as much as the girls were. It’s certainly make me want to investigate them more!

pay-tvIt was a significant night for the group though as it marked the final performance as a trio, with Melanie Taylor leaving the band. The other two will continue as Stockholm Syndrome though. I can’t believe nobody used that name before!!

The night was rounded off by a mini-set from another MF act, Pay-TV. They performed their MF entries “Trendy Discotheque” and “Refrain Refrain”, as well as other single “Fashion Report”. They came across really well, very camp and extravagant, and while I was a bit too near the speaker to get the full experience, it was a great end to a fun show!

I’m off to the Final Dress Rehearsal now, and hope the brilliant weather continues this evening as I’m going to be watching the show on a video screen in a park. Enjoy the show, and I’ll see you on the other side…


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