Road to Malmö: Andrius Pojavis – “Something” (Lithuania)

Public service announcement – I have a spare ticket for the first semi-final next Tuesday. Get in touch if you want to buy it off at an insulting knock-down rate!

When I first kicked off my ill-advised foray into the national finals this year, Lithuania were among the first to select their entry to Malmö (see my review here). Despite some of the horrors Lithuania have sent to Eurovision over the years, they are still no Latvia (that’s a good thing). So it was a nice surprise to see a reasonable selection of finalists from their lengthy selection process.

Lithuania Eurovision HeartThey are the only Baltic state (except absent Poland) who have never won the contest, and have yet to breach the top 5. Their most popular entry, 2006’s “We are the winners” came 6th despite being a lazy protest song that successfully picked up the anti-vote that year. However their qualification for the final has never been assured, and they are hitting a 50/50 average at the moment.

I’m struggling to see “Something” bucking the trend. I liked it to start with, it was very reminiscent of The Killers’ more synthy commercial work, and with a fairly handsome frontman it seemed like a decent bet. That top-hat was worrying though, he doesn’t always seem to wear it, so goodness knows what his outfit will be in Malmö.

andrius pojavis something lithuania eurovisionThat said, when Lithuania do qualify, it has often been a bit of a surprise. Their 2011 & 2012 entries in particular did a lot better than expected. Sadly Andrius doesn’t have a good slot, between crazy uptempos by Montenegro and Belarus, this pacey but gentle rock-pop track might have trouble standing out.

It’s only after a little while that I realised that the song hasn’t got a lot of lyrics, I don’t know if this will make it sound a bit empty. I do still really like it, but I think this one will just get lost, sadly. But at least he seems to be having fun, he has an infectiously cheeky smile, and I don’t think he’s taking himself too seriously. I think that’s important! I think it would be good to see Andrius qualify, he’s a good performer with a memorable modern song. What’s wrong with that?

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