Eurovision 2013: One week to go!

Is this a news thing? I’m not sure, I don’t have much news because I’ve been purposely avoiding too much online chatter about the rehearsals that kicked off yesterday. But I’m only a week away from going to Malmö, three more crummy days of work (and believe me, today was crummy). I’ve got my OGAE card, I’ve got some crazy fan pass thing that will give me free transportation in Malmö, it’s coming together.

I also have a spare ticket for the first semi-final if anyone is looking for a last-minute trip! It’s a decent one too, get in touch if you’re interested!!

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

So what have I heard? Well the interval acts are taking shape. It’s been announced that Loreen will open the first semi-final with that drippy sign-language kids choir version of “Euphoria” that was performed in the Melodifestivalen final. Great. Kleerup is providing the interval act, and I’d say there was a fair chance that he will perform “Requiem Solution”, his new collaboration with Loreen.  I’d love former collaborator Robyn to make an appearance too, but who knows.

The second semifinal’s interval will apparently have some dancing orchestra nonsense, should be interesting! The final will presumably also have a “Euphoria” performance, but the interval will have a very special collaboration between Swedish superstar DJ Avicii and Benny & Bjorn from ABBA. There’s plenty of speculation that ABBA could reunite on the night, but I guess that’s likely to be a pipedream.

benny bjornJust seems a bit convenient that Benny & Bjorn are doing this song, they were with Frida earlier this week for the opening of the ABBA museum in Stockholm, and Agnetha has a new album to promote… I think if this is perhaps the last chance we have of a reunion. I mean, it’s Eurovision in Sweden, come on!

Have you seen the stage? A pretty typical layout with a curved catwalk to a central podium. I wonder if people will bother to use them though? The extended catwalk in Dusseldorf didn’t get a lot of use!

Perhaps the most intriguing development is the lack (or minimal use) of LED screens that have been used so often in the show. However that’s not to say there won’t be striking visuals. Check out this video of two of the world’s most powerful digital projectors:

That little show was done using two of those projectors. Malmö Arena has 28 of them. I have no idea what they’re going to do with them, but my God it’s going to be spectacular!

Like a big old loser I’m taking my laptop to Malmö and will be blogging every day. I’m going to both semi-finals, and the jury final. Finally we’ll watch the final in Malmö, probably Folkets Park or something. I still have four reviews to do though, nearly there!



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3 responses to “Eurovision 2013: One week to go!

  1. Loving your work…. I’m just glad I found your place on the internet ahead of the 2013 activities!

  2. I’ll follow the blog via RSS feed on PULSE (love that app) and also on Twitter. It’d be rude not to!
    ; )

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