Road to Malmö: Cezar – “It’s my life” (Romania)

After yesterday’s entry by Serbia that closes semi-final 1, we move to Romania who have the same honour in semi-final 2. It seems qualification is being handed over on a plate, made all the more likely by Romania’s 100% record of qualifying.

Romania Eurovision HeartIndeed looking at Romania’s history in the contest makes you think that it’s only a matter of time before they win. Debuting in 1994, their participation in Eurovision only began in earnest in 2000. Since then Romania has gathered a number of mid-table finishes, punctuated by three top 5 finishes. 2005 & 2010 saw Romania in third place, and their knack for catchy and/or striking entries is obvious.

This year the Selecția Națională selection event (see my review here) picked prizewinning opera singer Cezar to fly the Romanian flag in Malmö. Some eyebrows were raised, it’s looking likely to be one of the main WTF moments for viewers I think. It also throws together shades of several styles and previous songs. That’s not a criticism at all, I really like it now I’m over the shock!

cezar its my life romania eurovisionThe operatic vocals against the cheap-ass Balkan dance beat reminds me of the (amazing) “Tornero” which not only took Romania to 4th place, but was a substantial European hit. There’s a dubstep breakdown, surprisingly common this year. There’s an interesting set of dancers to watch, while Cezar himself commands the stage with intense looks and perfect vocals. I just hope he keeps the suit and doesn’t come out with extreme makeup and butterfly wings or something.

Either way, it might not be to everyone’s tastes but I’m sure it’s going to do pretty well. Maybe it’s another mid-table year for Romania rather than another “Tornero”, but they’ll get their moment, I’m sure. But if anyone can make this song work, it’s Cezar.

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