Road to Malmö: Moje 3 – “Ljubav Je Svuda” (Serbia)

Oh my God I love this one, and it’s another great addition to the diverse and successful canon of Serbian entries to Eurovision. Serbia have been a big player in Eurovision during the time I’ve followed it closely, debuting in 2007 after a successful two years as Serbia & Montenegro.

Serbia Eurovision heartThey have had a pretty great run of success since their debut, and unusually this has all been done with Serbian-language entries. Only a handful of countries have only send non-English songs, often seen as a handicap to mass appeal, but Serbia soon bucked that trend by winning the 2007 contest with “Molitva”, the last non-English winner to date.

Since that amazing debut year, Serbia have performed well, qualifying all but once – in 2009 they came 10th in their semi-final, but jury-qualifer Croatia took their place in the final. If there was a poster child for Balkan bloc-voting, Serbia would be a likely candidate, finishing top 15 in all the finals they attended, including a strong 3rd place finish in Baku last year.

I wouldn’t accuse bloc-voting too much, as I’ve said repeatedly. In my mind, Serbia send a rich variety of entries, and even when they are not mainstream choices they’ve managed to sell them well to a huge audience. For that reason, I’d never rule out a Serbian victory.

This year, national selection show Beosong (read my review here) chose the Serbian entry purely by a public vote, and selected girlgroup trio Moje 3 to go to Malmö later this month. I really love the song, and again it transcends my lack of Serbian language skills with a frothy and catchy pop song.

moje 3 serbia eurovision Ljubav Je SvudaGirlbands typically haven’t done well in Eurovision, but leave it to mould-breaking Serbia to change that. It starts mysteriously with some swirling synths and soon kicks into a punchy dancepop track. I think the signature move here is that do-re-mi-fa-so-fa-mi-re-do hook, it’s completely irresistible and will get stuck in plenty of heads I think.

Their performance was great too, I don’t know what’s going on, but it looks like an angel and a devil are fighting over the virtues of the other singer, plenty of comical sass from the devil, climaxing in a squabbly “la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la” standoff. It’s not your typical pop song but I really love it, and the girls seem like they are bringing the fun and personality to a contest that this year feels a bit too well-behaved.

While they are in the tougher semi-final (the first one), they have the closing slot to finish the performances with a bang. I think qualification is assured, though they can’t count on such a great spot in the final.

For more ESC2013 news and reviews, please visit my Malmö hub – it’s got links to nearly all the entry reviews now, only 8 more to do, finishing next Sunday (talk about cutting it fine). Otherwise you can click “Malmö 2013” in the top menu.


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