Road to Malmö: ByeAlex – “Kedvesem” (Hungary)

It’s just one extreme to the other now, as we come to Hungary. I haven’t quite gotten into this one yet, it’s a bit too … let’s say subtle.

Hungary Eurovision HeartDebuting back in 1994, a patchy attendance record means Hungary are only sending their 11th Eurovision entry this year. Their reluctance to attend every year is no doubt fuelled by their unextraordinary results over the years. Their best result is 4th in their debut year, but have yet to grace the top 10 in the last five years.

Hungary’s qualification record is reasonable, 4 out of 6 attempts, but the last two years have left them propping up the bottom five. A bit shocking for poor Kati Wolf’s 2011 entry, that was one of my favourites! The Hungarians are persevering though, with the lengthy “A Dal” selection process eventually picking “Kedvesem” as the Hungarian song for Malmö (see my review for A Dal here)

byealex kedvesem eurovision hungaryIt’s not the most instant of songs to choose though, a very chilled-out acoustic ballad. ByeAlex (that’s just one guy, by the way) doesn’t have a very melodic voice, it’s a very low register and it makes his voice sound a bit weak, even on the studio version. Fortunately there is a slightly remixed version going to Malmö which has a bit more character. It builds quite nicely but I just don’t see people jumping on it.

Even in the weaker second semi-final, I think Hungary might not be as lucky as they were last year (who thought LiteDisco would qualify, seriously?). A shame, I don’t think it’s a bad song at all, but it’s just not clicking with me.

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