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Single: Eric Saade – “Winning Ground” (2013)

Since I’m on a roll, let’s have a look at some more Scandinavian pop. After yesterday’s review of Anton Ewald’s debut EP, one of his Melodifestivalen predecessors is back in town.

eric saade winning groundEric Saade, former member of boyband Whats Up (with, among others, Swedish Eurovision 2013 entry Robin Stjernberg), was pursuing a reasonably successful solo career before he ended up in 2010’s Melodifestivalen. He took “Manboy” to third place, while winner Anna Bergendahl saw Sweden miss their first Eurovision final for over 30 years.

Momentum built behind Eric during the next year, and he returned to Melodifestivalen in 2011 with the amazing “Popular”, winning it by a wide margin. His success continued in Dusseldorf, as “Popular” not only qualified but came 3rd in the Eurovision final. Continue reading

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EP: Anton Ewald – “A” (2013)

While some of the hardcore Schlager fans complained about this year’s Melodifestivalen, as always there were plenty of great songs competing to represent Sweden. Robin Stjernberg made history as the first Andra Chansen qualifier to win Melodifestivalen in an electrifying final. His fairytale story might have ended on a lukewarm note in Malmö, but it’s easy to forget another Andra Chansen qualifier that managed the rare feat of finishing top 5.

anton ewald aYes, Anton Ewald made his debut as a Melodifestivalen singer this year with the breakout hit of the season “Begging”. It wasn’t his first time on the MF stage though, debuting as a dancer with Velvet in 2009, as well as dancing & choreographing both Danny Saucedo’s “Amazing” and Andreas Lundstedt’s “Aldrig Aldrig” in 2012. Busy guy.

I thought he was a surefire qualifier in his semi-final, but lost out to two songs he would later defeat in the final. Before that, he earned his place there in second-chance round Andra Chansen with a much more polished performance. He might not have won, but the exposure of a Melodifestivalen Final is highly-prized in Sweden, and with the dust and glitter settling after Malmö’s Eurovision, it’s time for some new material. Continue reading


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Eurovision 2013: Jury & Televote split revealed & examined!

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle. It might not be a completely illuminating piece – perhaps a grey bit that might be a bit of someone’s coat or a bird or something – but a crucial piece all the same.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Yes, Eurovision voting is a game of two halves. On one side is the voting public, much maligned for a poor taste for novelty acts, and allegedly involving themselves in bribery from other countries (yeah yeah). On the other are the mysterious juries, also much maligned but nonetheless regarded as the professional face of the scoring, made up – in theory – of singers, writers & composers.

This year we had a tweak to the rules that meant the juries ranked their songs from 1 to 26 rather than just listing their top 10, giving them the power to sink a song popular in the televote out of sheer SPITE! They’d do that you know, if you believe the loons. Of course the voting public had the capacity to do this already. Considering the juries are included for their invaluable insight, it did seem a bit odd that before 2013 we didn’t give a shit what they thought of their non-top-10 songs, even though their 11th place is surely going to be much more liked than their 26th. So I’m all for it. ANYWAY HERE ARE THE SCORES. Continue reading

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Single: Kleerup ft Loreen – “Requiem Solution” (2013)

Yes I know I did a Loreen single a few days ago, but I meant to write this review ages ago and it’ll only be a worse time if I wait. Plus I’m really exhausted with this blog at the moment, it’s just been a long month!

kleerup loreen requiem solutionI’m not sure where this figures into the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t on Kleerup’s 2012 album “Aniara”, nor Loreen’s 2013 album “Heal“, even in its 2013 re-release. But whatever, a collaboration between them seems like a Swedophile’s wet dream.

Kleerup might not be an instantly familiar name (Loreen should be, and if not, DO CATCH UP), but he scored a shock UK #1 in 2007 – “With every heartbeat”, a collaboration with Swedish superstar Robyn. I loved that, as well as the gorgeous “Longing for Lullabies” from his debut self-titled album that same year. So basically “Requiem Solution” is a dream duet for people into that sort of thing. Continue reading

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Chill out

God I love May. Obviously there’s Eurovision that keeps me busy, but the UK also gets two public holidays. They aren’t religious or anything, so that means no cards to buy, no family obligations, just time to catch up. I needed it this week, I don’t think I had quite slept off the previous week in Sweden, so that had been hanging over me all week.

But I’m well-rested, I’ve uploaded all my holiday photos to Facebook – with exhausting amounts of captions – and my to-do list is almost empty. That’s how I like it. Just time to pig out and eat takeaway pizza before the weather turns nasty.

overweight boba fettI went to Collectormania though, an eye-opener as usual. To be honest I knew I wasn’t going to see any of the big stars there, and as it was the third day most of them weren’t even there. I saw Desmond off Lost, a very shrivelled looking R2D2 and an apparently bastardly Lou Ferrigno. I didn’t have any interest in the action figures and comics though, I just wanted a walk around. Got loads of Streetpasses though, and felt a lot better about where I fit in on the spectrum of nerdiness, hooray! Continue reading

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