Road to Malmö: El Sueño de Morfeo – “Contigo hasta el final” (Spain)

Spain may have felt a little short-changed last year, as Pastora Soler finished 10th with the beautiful “Quédate conmigo”. However, you’d have to go back to 2003 before you found a better Spanish result. Spain, as one of the five biggest contributors to the EBU, have never needed to qualify through the semi-finals. That’s certainly good for them, but their results since the semi-finals came in have been less than rosy.

Spain Eurovision FlagIndeed this extended to all of these auto-qualifiers for a time, but one by one losing streaks were broken. While Germany won in 2010, and France and the UK have had a reasonable spread of results in the last fear years, Spain is one of the last to be rehabilitated. Top 10 last year was certainly a pleasing outcome, so RTVE went with another internal selection this year, picking popular folk-pop trio El Sueño de Morfeo to represent Spain in Malmö next month, while the public chose the song.

While I’m not entirely convinced that any of the three song choices were going to have quite the impact of Pastora’s incredible vocals last year, “Contigo hasta el final” is starting to grow on me. It’s one of the gentlest folky tracks in the contest this year (apart from comatose Hungary), that eventually warms up with a bit of a tempo change. You can read my initial reactions to the three songs in my review.

edsm spain contigo hasta el final eurovisionI think possibly the Spanish language might hold it back. Of course it’s any country’s prerogative to perform in their native tongue, but I wonder if this will stop people appreciating it, as the lyrics are really quite sweet. It’s almost a Country song, and I’m sure it will find an audience, I just think it might easily get lost in the mix this year.

ESDM are a popular group in Spain, so I’m sure there’s some angle of this that I’m not picking up on, we’ll have to see how the performance goes next month! The video is certainly really nice, and the lead singer is beautiful. I do worry that they will come last out of the Big Five this year though.

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