Film: Evil Dead (2013)

Ugh, where do I start? There seemed to be some buzz about this one, a reboot or a continuation of the original Evil Dead series. Some said it was really terrifying, and I had a worrying feeling as I sat waiting for it to start. But my worries weren’t founded, and rather than a reboot of the gory but schlocky 80s original, it felt more like your standard issue horror movie.

I don’t really remember the original, I think I might have seen the end of it. But looking at the plot in Wikipedia, it seems that the 2013 version runs pretty much the same. Five randomly generated youngsters of varying genders, ethnicities and personalities (why are David and Mia different races? They have the same mother!) go and spend some time in a horrific cabin to detox drug-using Mia before she kills herself.

But oh no! That’s a lot of dead cats in the cellar, and that creepy book looks very inviting doesn’t it? After some horrific youths-dealing-with-issues plot that doesn’t really matter, gaunt miseryguts Eric wastes no time in finding and reading magic words in the book that summons horrible demons on everyone. Hilarity ensues!

The film makes use of the old history repeating device to re-use the same plot from the 80s original, as well as plenty of horror cliches picked up along the way. Look in the medicine cabinet, but watch out for a scary reflection when you shut it! I mean really? I’ve seen that a million times … plenty of jumping scares, and tons of slamming doors. There’s a real problem with airflow in that cabin.

Shiloh would get it though

The remainder of the film is filled with some of the most horrifically gory scenes I think I’ve ever seen. I totally wimped out, some of them were really just disgusting! It made up for the total humour void in the film as we all cringed noisily, which had some entertainment value in it. The effects for their part were realistically bloody, so in this respect the film did really well.

But ultimately I felt like there was nothing new on display. The only thing I felt it took from the original revered movie was its plot, but the rest was a generic gory teen horror movie that reminded me why it’s been so long since I’ve bothered with a horror movie at the cinema.

Just enjoy this trailer, much better than the film itself!


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