Road to Malmö: Birgit Õigemeel – “Et uus saaks alguse” (Estonia)

Let’s go to the Baltic now, with one of the more successful nations in the area, not that the bar is particularly high! Estonia are sending their 19th entry to Eurovision next month, in the hope that the worst is behind them. The 90s and early 00s were a successful period for them, capped by their 2001 win in Copenhagen with what I gather is one of the least-liked or remembered winners of recent years.

Estonia Eurovision HeartThey had a bad time when semi-finals started in 2004, missing the first five finals as a result. But in recent years, the 2009 entry by Urban Symphony and last year’s entry by Ott Lepland and his rampant genitals returned Estonia to the top 10. But success is never a sure thing, indeed poor Getter Jaani found that out in 2011 when “Rockerfeller street” was long pitched as the bookies’ favourite to win, but ended up 24th in the final.

Effortlessly stylish national selection Eesti Laul (read my review here) certainly had some variety, but Estonia settled on their first Idol winner Birgit as their choice for Malmö. “Et uus saaks alguse” is certainly a lovely little song, starting off quietly before building to a very pleasant midtempo finish.

estonia birgit oigemeel et uus saaks alguseSemi-final one is the tough one this year, with some big uptempos and massive powerballads competing for the ten qualifying places. As such I think poor Birgit will get lost in the mix, particular as she’s performing 2nd on the night.

I don’t doubt her talent at all, but I just don’t think it’s got enough punch to stand out in the semi-final. If she’d been in the other semi-final her chances might have been a little stronger, but I’m not sure this is their year. But hey, at least it’s not Latvia, right?

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