Road to Malmö: PeR – “Here we go” (Latvia)

You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth in Eurovision, and Latvia’s continued participation is a good way of teaching that lesson. The last time Sweden hosted Eurovision in 2000, Latvia make their contest debut, and promptly came 3rd. After a less successful 2001, they narrowly beat Malta to get a surprise victory in Tallinn’s 2002 contest. It’s perhaps not one of the better-regarded winners in Eurovision history, but it marked the peak of Latvia’s brief career.

Latvia Eurovision HeartAs far as qualifying goes, they reached four finals in a row from 2005-2008, but followed it up with four flops in a row, and are looking to qualify for their first grand final in 5 years when they take to the Malmö stage next month. Having sat through the fairly painful Latvian national final (see my write up for Dziesma 2013 here), I’m not entirely confident that this year will be a return to form.

PeR are a relatively new outfit in Latvia, with a handful of singles and an album to their name, but they’ve been very persistent in their quest to reach Eurovision, having made three previous efforts to do so.

per latvia here we go eurovisionDescribed as a “pop & beatboxing duo”, they are pretty much as terrible as imagine. A naff 90s rap followed by a pretty tuneless basic chorus. There’s even a beatboxing solo, lucky us! I guess it goes without saying that this isn’t my favourite entry, and I think they really need to pull this performance together before next month.

I really liked Latvia’s “Beautiful song” last year, but it didn’t get through to the Baku final. I wouldn’t rate their chances of breaking that trend this year, sadly.

To read the other reviews I’ve done for the contest (I’m doing one a day in the run-up to the show) and for other ESC2013 news, please visit my Malmö 2013 hub.


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