Road to Malmö: Hannah Mancini – “Straight into love” (Slovenia)

It’s hard to think of the former Yugoslav republics as long-running participants in Eurovision, but Slovenia are making their 19th trip to Eurovision this year. It looked iffy for a moment as RTVSLO considered its budgets, but fortunately they are still going to make the party next month. Despite their mixed results, Slovenia have attended every Eurovision since the last Swedish-held contest in 2000.

Slovenia Eurovision HeartSpeaking of mixed results, Slovenia have not enjoyed the semi-final system since it came in, only reaching two of the last nine grand finals. Poor Eva Boto got lost in the mix last year, but they are hoping for an improvement this year with a much more contemporary song.

RTVSLO’s compromise on budgets saw an internal selection choose Hannah Mancini to sing “Straight into love” in Malm0. Hannah is an established singer in Slovenia, but yet to make an international splash.

“Straight into love” wears its contemporary sound on its sleeve, crashing straight in with a dubstep intro. I’m not a big fan of it myself, but it will be a big change of pace in Semi-final 1, following a ballad from Estonia. If anything it’s quite a safe choice, a euphoric dance track with some throwaway lyrics, carried by Hannah’s impressive vocals.

Hannah Mancini Eurovision SloveniaI just don’t really like that chorus very much, the melody of it. I’ve no doubt Hannah will be able to sing it all well, but that “Straight into loooooove” line just doesn’t sound good for me, it’s the wrong note or something. Fortunately there is a borderline Europorn video to go along with it, well done guys.

I love an underdog, and it’s always nice to see a nation break a run of bad luck (hi, Netherlands). But saying that, Slovenia are in a tough semi-final, near the start, and have a pretty bad track-record of qualifying. If the performance is spot on, it could well benefit for being sandwiched between two ballads, but I don’t see this being Slovenia’s breakthrough year personally.

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