The Men of Malmö 2013 (a.k.a. shameless bait for Google searches)

Oh don’t pretend, I know what some of you are after. After all, I could hardly ignore the several hundred search hits for “Ott Lepland penis” and similar terms after last year’s contest. So I thought, why not just pull out all the stops and just give you what you want. Don’t worry, I’ve taken the burden of searching for all this stuff for you, no need to worry.

If you’re interested in the music of Eurovision or Melodifestivalen of course, please read my blog. Click Malmö 2013, Baku 2012 or just plain old ESC for hubs to all sorts of reviews, as well as the other page tabs at the top to find everything else. Have fun! Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

UPDATE – there’s a PART 2 now, and the 2014 version, The Men of Copenhagen!

Azerbaijan – Farid Mammadov

Farid Mammadov ShirtlessFarid Mammadov ShirtlessFarid Mammadov ShirtlessFarid Mammadov ShirtlessFarid-Mammadov-shirtless1Farid Mammadov Shirtless

Italy – Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni Shirtless

Belgium – Roberto Bellarosa

Roberto Bellarosa shirtless

Lithuania – Andrius Pojavis

Andrius Pojavis shirtless

Sweden – Robin Stjernberg

Robin Stjernerg nakedRobin Stjernberg naked

Ireland – Ryan Dolan & his hot dancers

ryan dolan shirtlesshot irish dancers eurovision 2hot irish dancers eurovision

Malta – Gianluca Bezzina

Gianluca Bezzina

Israel – Judah Gavra (Kdam finalist)

Judah Gavra underwearJudah Gavra assJudah Gavra shirtlessjudah-gavra-shirtlessjudah gavra underwearjudah gavra speedo

Sweden – Anton Ewald (Melodifestivalen finalist)

Anton EwaldAnton Ewald Robin Stjernberg kissAnton Ewald shirtlessAnton EwaldAnton Ewald crotch grab

Sweden – Eddie Razaz (Melodifestivalen semi-finalist)

Eddie Razaz shirtlessEddie Razaz nakedEddie Razaz assEddie Razaz shirtlessEddie Razaz shirtlesseddie razaz shirtlessEddie Razaz ass

And finally … my dear Måns Zelmerlöw & Danny Saucedo

Mans Zelmerlowmans zelmerlow naked naken 2mans zelmerlow naked nakenmans zelmerlow pink football playerDanny Saucedo


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11 responses to “The Men of Malmö 2013 (a.k.a. shameless bait for Google searches)

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  2. LOLA

    Where is Cezar???I would love to see him!!;)

  3. Mike

    Thank you for performing this public service!

  4. Hah – this is not ‘my cup of tea’ should we say, but I certainly admire your efforts and approach. Nice one.

    • LOL no problem, it was worth a try! Makes me feel a bit stupid that this is drawing hundreds of views a day, but nobody is reading anything else 😀 serves me right

  5. Crabby

    Awesome, thanks for this. ❤ Roberto is my favourite this year, he is so cute just wanna pick him up and cuddle him! ^_^

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