Single: The Saturdays – “What about us” (2013)

I’m exhausted today, but I decided I had to write SOMETHING that wasn’t Eurovision adjacent. So it’s your lucky day, as I pick up on The Saturday’s latest orbit around pop music’s plughole.

Except it’s not. Against ALL odds, after four albums that seemed to sell less and less each time, and after a dizzying array of singles that either disappeared quickly or narrowly missed out on the #1 spot by a handful of sales, they seem to be getting their wish.

They must have the most midweek #1s without a chart-topper, and frankly their continued employment after the last five years has surprised (and delighted) me. Suddenly this latest single is scorching past all competition and looks to be a dead cert for #1 on Sunday with an estimate of around 100k sales. Madness!

And they are doing US promo too, who on Earth signed that off? They were on LENO! Honestly I feel like the world’s going mad. Anyway they are still an entertaining girlband in a post-Girls Aloud and post-Sugababes era, and I’m so happy they seem to finally be making some progress (cue album flop).

The song is a pretty straight-up dancepop track, nothing particularly new but it sounds fresh and current. That video is surprisingly glossy and international-looking isn’t it? Did they spend the last album profits (if there were any) on lottery tickets?

I really like the bridges, they’ve got a nice rhythm to them. The choruses themselves are the most generic part, falling somewhere close to the dancey productions Usher’s been doing these days. Again that’s not a bad thing, I love those.

I gather there’s a Sean Paul feature credit on one version, presumably to give relevance and traction to Sean Paul’s UK comeback and The Saturdays’ US ‘invasion’. Good luck to them all, I’m just a little astonished it’s happening! #1 album next!


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