Belgrade calling – ESC 2013 Serbia pre-selection (Beosong)

Just a small one tonight as I’m totally knackered. But let’s not take this likely, Serbia have quickly established themselves as one of the present-day Eurovision titans.

After the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia & Montenegro was one nation, and they debuted at Eurovision in 2004. Debuting with a 2nd place finish and following with a top 10 finish in 2005, the nation pulled out of the 2006 contest after controversy over the national final. A few months later, the country split into … Serbia and Montenegro (surprise!) and both debuted in the 2007 contest.

However it’s quite apparent which country was more tuned into the European listener, and Serbia’s debut “Molitva” turned out to be a surprise winner. They’ve put in creditable performances since, very narrowly missing out on a 100% qualification record, but finished 3rd last year thanks to 2008 contest host Željko Joksimović, a force behind many Serbian entries in some form or another. No sign of him this year, as 15 hopefuls were whittled down to a final 5. A televote decided the winner.


SKY’s – Magija

Oh wow, is this the Serbian Little Mix? Or worse, StooShe? This looks trashy as you like, maybe there are Swedes behind this. A cute electro-tinged pop song with an upbeat dancey chorus.

OK the vocals get a bit ropey when they have to do anything important, but I’ve heard worse. They don’t miss any notes, it just gets a bit shouty occasionally. Oh whatever, I’m enjoying this anyway, what’s the problem?

Was hoping for more of a climax, it seems ripe for a key-change, but maybe they couldn’t manage that. Anyway very good, well done girls.

Marija Mihajlović – Halo

Oh… a jazzy piano slow-dance. Be still my beating heart. Her voice is good, if you like that sort of thing, it seems quite suited to the task in hand.

It’s a bit like an Adele album track or something. Nothing to get too excited about, but nothing particularly wrong with it. I’m struggling to have any strong feelings towards it, except relief that it’s only 3 minutes long.

Saška Janković – Duga u tvojim očima

Oh I love some strings, well played. Is that Sonia? Perhaps not. This has a bit more life to it, particularly when it reaches the chorus. It’s very Celine-esque, which is no bad thing in itself, but that does make it a little dated. Added to the dodgy quality of the clip, you’d be forgiven for thinking this was from the 1999 contest or something.

Ooh a key change though, this is getting there! That must be a difficult song to song, and she really pours everything into it, even whipping her hair a few times with passion. That big note at the end!! OK you convinced me, very good!

Dušan Svilar – Spas

In the runner-up position is … oh hello Dušan! Well no prizes for guessing where some of the votes came from. It’s a bit of a slow starter, with that first verse hardly making any impact on me.

Where did that chorus come from? Suddenly there are the big Balkan drums and some twirling dancers. A glory note follows, and he is banished in favour of a stage-grabbing musician. He reminds me of a hot young Donny Osmond.

The structure is all over the place, very ethnic but not very catchy. Can’t argue with that big money note at the end, I’m surprised he didn’t get a nosebleed!

Moje 3 – Ljubav je svuda

So here’s the winner! A girlband, what a nice change – and not a dreary ballad either. Oh I like her already, what a femme fatale. It’s buzzing with energy from the start – is that autotune? Holy shit, devil woman!! Is this a hen party?

Wow, Cascada will have some competition for the upbeat trash dance crown this year. I love that vocal exercise thing in the chorus. OH I GET IT! Is the blonde one being tempted by the devil and the angel? Fantastic, I love it! I love that furious-looking demon girl.

WTF is that “Lalalala” face-off? Gorgeous vocals, possibly tweaked a bit… but a tight little trio they are. Brilliant! I wonder if Belgrade might be doing more than just calling next year … could they win this???


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