Sofia calling – ESC 2013 Bulgaria pre-selection

A bit of a fiasco to cover tonight, as Bulgaria have recently overturned the results from their recent national selection when the copyright to perform the winning song couldn’t be obtained. Three songs were candidates for the Bulgarian entry to this year’s Eurovision, to be performed by Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankulov – Bulgaria’s 2007 act that not only gave the Eastern European nation its only qualifier in the Grand Final that year, but also an impressive 5th place finish, so it’s not difficult to see why they were invited back for another attempt.

The results were decided by a 50/50 split of televote and jury vote, though there was a tie for first place, broken by one song for having the highest televote results. This was later overturned, and the other winner will now go to the Malmö stage in May to try and improve Bulgaria’s pretty appalling qualification record.

Dzupai, libe boso

Bizarrely translating as “Jump, barefoot sweetheart”. They love their drums, these two, i imagine this will be a common feature. New-Agey ethnic chanting, with some awful whiteboy Marley rapping. Jammin Jammin! That chorus hardly rescues it, it’s quite tuneful for the most part, but there’s not much of a melody.

Can’t say the rapping helps at all … it’s just something you’d hear in the background in some awful winebar. No wonder this hardly got anything from the televote or the jury.



So this was the song that wasn’t to be… it got the overwhelming support of the televote, but the jury didn’t take to it. Oh Christ, what a horrible intro! Shrill backing singers cross the stream and try to cause a complete positronic reversal in my brain. There is no qualification, only Zool!

This really is horrible. Elitsa gets to bash her drums, but the singing really does my head in. So does that horrible bagpipe relative. A bit of half-assed Hokey Cokey dancing, and that’s the end. I’m amazed anyone copyrighted this, let along thought it too precious to send to Eurovision. A near miss!

Samo Shampioni

So this is what we’ll be seeing in May, trying to buck Bulgaria’s bad luck. Bang those drums! That bagpipe is back, but fortunately the shrill vocals are also joined by a cheap Eurotrash beat and a crazy drum solo. This is what the public want to see! (IS IT?!).

Well, if they managed to get to 5th place with “Water” in an admittedly dodgy 2007 contest, this is as close as they are going to get to recreate that. There’s even a weird marching bit too.

I’d love Bulgaria to do well, but seriously, this is a HARD SELL. Especially with Turkey out of the contest, they’ll have a few less points in their favour. I don’t think this will be their year sadly, unless they have a remix or something. Hmm…



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2 responses to “Sofia calling – ESC 2013 Bulgaria pre-selection

  1. Dinlo

    This whole mess is probably my favourite thing to have happened in the lead up to this year’s contest :D. Kismet was HORRIFIC. There’s something quite JAPANESE about Samo Shampioni.

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