Yerevan calling – ESC 2013 Armenia pre-selection

Welcome back Armenia, after a year away from the Eurovision Song Contest. You can hardly blame them, Armenian’s aren’t allowed into Azerbaijan, putting a certain strain on their participation in last year’s contest in Baku. For a while it seemed that they might go through with it, but backed out after deciding not to trust the Azeri government’s assurances that they would be safe there.


Armenia has had a brief but fruitful career in Eurovision, with their 2006 debut kicking off a string of five top 10 finishes. They narrowly missed the final in 2011, so are hoping to return to the contest refreshed and – above all – successful in Malmö.

This time they internally selected musician Gor Sujyan to perform their track, with a 50/50 jury and televote split to choose between 4 potential songs.

The Truth

A sedate applause weirdly turns into a slow-clap. Get on with it! I thought from his facial hair that he would be a more “real music” artist. Still, it’s got a band. They look a bit like they’ve been cornered.

I digress, what’s the song like? It’s alright, the melody is a bit strange, and that “Liar liar liar liar liar LIIIIIIEEE” is an odd choice for a bridge. The chorus is nice enough, it’s just a bit forgettable. He’s got quite an easy listening tone of voice.

No Time

This starts off a bit more promisingly. Stop hunching your shoulders! His posture must be terrible. A bit of an angstier chorus this time, and it has a bit more weight to it. His voice sounds a bit like Adam Levine in places, where did that come from?

I think this would have been a reasonable entry for them, but I doubt it would’ve qualified unless it found itself unchallenged as a rock track in its semi-final. His vocals are loads better on this than the previous track.

Toy Planet

Is this a melody? That tune is all over the place, what a mess! I think we’ve regressed a little bit here, it’s still a bit of a strange one, without being too interesting musically. I doubt I’ll remember this.

Again his voice is good, but the song just doesn’t work at all. What does he even mean by Toy Planet? It sounds like an under-15’s poetry competition entry. Sorry, no thanks!

Lonely Planet

Well, hope this is good, as this was the one Armenia selected. Acoustic strummy verse, hmm… maybe the chorus will pick up a bit. Or not… his vocals are still very nice and he’s got a pure tone, and that’s probably the main saving grace from this one.

I’ve heard plenty of peace anthems in Eurovision (am I right in presuming this is another one?), but this isn’t one of the best. Who knows, maybe a bit of a re-jig for the Malmö stage will help. Ooh a key change! That really helped!! It does build quite nicely by the end. Apparently a member of Black Sabbath composed it too, small world, isn’t it?

I might not be totally sold on the song or its qualification chances, but at least I think it was a decent choice. Good luck Armenia! You’re going to need it…


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