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Madrid calling – ESC 2013 Spain pre-selection

The Big Five haven’t had an easy time in recent years, languishing usually at the bottom of the Eurovision scoreboard. But things are on the turn, most notably for Germany whose earlier woes are all but forgotten, with a surprise win in 2010 and top 10 finishes since then. France and the UK have rare moments of success, and a returning Italy have also done brilliantly. But what of Spain?

A long standing member of the Eurovision family, Spain have won twice in the 60s, but have yet to make it again. Last year saw a great result for Pastora Soler, selected internally by the broadcaster, and so they have kept that approach for 2013. The selected El Sueño de Morfeo, a popular Spanish band with a number of hit albums to their name. They had a mini-final to decide which of three selected songs will be the entry in Malmö.


Interesting sound to the intro, sounds rather Celtic instead of Spanish. I understand ESDM do this sort of pop-rock folky hybrid music. The verses don’t do much for me, her voice doesn’t seem very strong, but perhaps that’s just because the song’s a bit too fast to have any big vocals.

The chorus is quite sweet but she’s just a bit drowned out. If anything it’s filling Portugal’s vacant position of pleasant but niche pop song. It sounded better live than I thought it would, and I think it might be my favourite of the three songs … that’s a little worrying!

Dame tu voz

I like the folky tinge to it again, but I don’t see this making much of an impact either. I don’t know how this group got so popular if this is their usual output, but I’m not sure it’ll translate well to Europe.

It’s got a half-decent chorus, but she’s quite monotone, the melody isn’t really very interesting at all. It just doesn’t really go anywhere… even the longer notes at the end are just so boring! They fit in a key change, but there’s no way you can compare this to Pastora last year and think it’s a step forward.

Contigo hasta el final

After one decent uptempo and one completely blah middle-of-the-road track we get to … well, another blah middle-of-the-road track. More Celtic folky tinges to it, but hardly an exciting start.

The beat kicks in a little after the first minute, but they are holding back I think. The chorus has a little more substance, but her voice just doesn’t have any depth to it. I think after such a strong vocalist, it’s very difficult to get excited by this at all.

And this song won in the end, what’s going on?! I would easily have given the edge to Atrévete, but even that would have probably floundered.

So that’s that … I’m really not sure that Spain have much chance at all this year, which is a real shame. I think Atrévete was probably their best shot, but that’s was a long one… without Portugal in the game, could this even be a dreaded ‘nul points’??

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