Single: Des’ree – “I’m kissing you” (1996)

Valentine’s day is here once more, and so I will relent and think about a love song today. There’s a decent chance I won’t be able to do an album review as planned as I may have a DATE tonight! Who knew? So for now you’ll have to just enjoy Des’ree.

Yes, Des’ree, famous – or infamous – for her beautifully rhymed pop track “Life” released a year after this. I love that song, and its accompanying album has lots of great memories for me. At that point she seemed like a bit of a laughing stock for that song, which I think is a real shame. I suspect there was a lot of fondness behind the ribbing of her rhyming ghost with toast etc, but she didn’t manage another hit album after that, and she appears to have moved on from being a recording artist.

But at least I have the memories still, and will welcome her back any day. Before that last pop breakthrough came this song from the occasionally fantastic soundtrack to Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet”, played at a key romantic scene in the film.

It’s such an intimate song, Des’ree’s got the most wonderfully deep controlled voice, and aside from a lot of vibrato keeps things relatively simple. Unlike Beyonce who covered it for her B’Day album and somehow lost the magic, particularly singing all over the lovely instrumental bit, never letting the moment just land for a moment, and oversinging the melody to within an inch of its life.

Here the production is quite minimal, piano accompaniment and some swells of strings (you know me and strings). That dramatic middle-eight is just leaves me teetering on the edge, it’s so delicately done.

Anyway, Des’ree just totally makes this song, less is more. God I love her, I’m going to put on “Supernatural” later. After my date anyway. Wish me luck!


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