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Single: Ke$ha – “C’mon” (2013)

Fresh off the successful comeback of “Die Young” – despite the negative link US radio stations made with the recent primary school massacre – Ke$ha might not be doing amazingly in the UK, but she seems to have weathered the “difficult 2nd album” storm on home turf. Time for a second single to keep this campaign afloat then.

Ke$ha C'monSome of the lyrics are as trashy as ever, but this track has just got such a warm, rich sound to it, it’s almost loved-up. The bits where she’s not singing about screwing around anyway. It certainly adds another decent hit to Dr Luke’s repertoire, something we might see a lot of in the next few years, as a peculiar contractual term means Katy Perry can’t use his services for her next album.

Much like Katy, Ke$ha’s a relatively blank canvas musically; a decent voice, and a straightforward enough pop vocal to carry most radio-friendly melodies. Her persona might still be promiscuous white trash, but as long as she keeps bringing the tunes, I don’t see a big issue here. It’s like a sluttier “Teenage Dream” in places, it’s just got that giddy youthful feel about it.

She even gets a decent glory note out of it, and with a killer chorus like this, it’s difficult for me to see this going badly wrong as a single.

That video too!! How adorable, and sort of inappropriate. That dancing raccoon is something else… a really fitting video for it somehow. You can say what you like about her, but she found her niche from Day 1 and she’s showing no signs of slowing down yet.


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