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Brussels calling – ESC 2013 Belgium pre-selection

It’s high time that I start looking at the national pre-selections since at least 26 of the 39 competing countries are using some sort of mechanism to select their entry to May’s Eurovision Song Contest. Some have a full contest with heats, like Sweden. Some have a few semi-finals, others just have a national final. A handful have selected their act internally, and there is a selection event for the song they will sing.

Roberto Bellarosa

Roberto Bellarosa

Belgium was the third nation to select their entry, and they took this route. They internally selected Roberto Bellarosa, the winner of “The Voice Belgique” to fly Belgium’s flag, and a low-key selection event to pick one of three songs for him to sing in Malmö.

Reste toi

A bit of a cheeky feel to it, perhaps a little dated. Can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me of. I can’t remember the last time Belgium sent a French-language entry, I suspect you might have to look back a while. This is even coming from a country that in the last 10 years has sent two entries in entirely invented languages!

It’s not too bad, but the chorus just doesn’t have much to it. It’s almost easy to miss it entirely, isn’t it? But he seems to like singing in French, even if he looks a bit uncomfortable at times. I mean this is only really a performance for radio, so I understand why it’s not a polished performance, but still! Yeah, not bad but not worth sending to Sweden.

Be Heroes

Starts off promisingly with a colourful electropop backing track that wouldn’t have gone sounded out of place in Melodifestivalen. Unfortunately the song doesn’t live up to that promise of freshness, and it’s a pretty boring cliched song about being heroes all night long, and various other rhyming couplets.

He doesn’t seem to remember all the words in the last minute of the track, a bad sign really! But I don’t blame him, it’s pretty forgettable. Belarus did the heroes thing better last year in Baku, and look where that got them!

Love Kills

So the last of the trio is the one that – ready or not – is going to Malmö. It’s the best of the three, but it still needs some work. Fortunately they’ve got 5 months to get it up to scratch.

The chorus could sound quite nice, and the Killers-esque production that people seem to fond of this year works well. The glaring issue with all this is that he doesn’t seem to be able to hit those high notes. I saw one video of him totally butchering a performance of this, and I really hope he is able to get it right on the night. If he does, then this is definitely the best choice of the three.

The lyrics are slightly nonsensical but he’s very cute, and a few puppy-eyed glances to camera should see him do alright. Will it qualify though? I’m sceptical, but I wish him all the best.


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