Game: “Coin Dozer” (iOS)

Remember when I got sucked into “Tiny Tower” for over 6 months? Did I say how much of a waste of time that felt like? Of course in the end I did enjoy it, but it was a bit of a worrying development at how much time I was willing to pour into it. After I reached the natural end of the game, I had a bit of a void. Enter “Coin Dozer”.

Coin Dozer iPhoneI saw my sister and her boyfriend playing this over Christmas. At first I rolled my eyes (as is tradition) that people were playing a game that was based on the 10p machines at arcade. For those of you not familiar, you put a 10 pence coin into one of several slots at the top of the machine. It rattles around the back wall as it hits obstacles on the way to the floor.

When it gets there, it is laid flat on a platform that rhythmically moves back and forth, carrying a load more 10 pence pieces (as well as other prizes sometimes). The point is to dislodge coins from this platform, so they fall in the tray at the bottom as prizes. It’s a pretty solid premise for an arcade machine as it’s effectively self-managing. It can’t pay out more coins than people are putting in (though I suppose that means it doesn’t make a profit either, hmm).

How would that translate to an electronic version, with no actual money being spent (unless you want to)? If a not-for-profit arcade machine seems like a pointless concept, surely a not-for-profit-arcade-machine simulator must be even worse. Sadly, it’s not, and it’s incredibly addictive. Coins are spawned regularly, whether you’re playing or not (it’s quicker if you are playing), and there are a large catalogue of collectibles, randomly dropped on the platform and unlock bonuses, like faster coin spawning or more special coins etc.

It’s so easy to get sucked in, especially if you’ve left it for a few hours and have a new stack of coins to use. It’s got to the point now that I can hold so many coins that spending them without winning them back is sometimes difficult – I’m almost a little irritated that I can’t take care of my duties more quickly, even though that means I’m doing well!

It’s baffling really, and I’m sure I’ll get bored of it soon, but it’s already been 3 weeks. When will I tire of the endless pulsation of the coin platform, the satisfying thud of a giant coin dropping on the plate, the goofy-looking puzzle piece toys, and so on. Just committing this to the blog feels at least like part of my rehabilitation. Surely there are intellectual things I could be doing instead?


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