Song: Nicki Minaj – “Va Va Voom” (2012)

Adding to the list of singles that have been out for a few months but I’ve only just decided I liked, is Nicki Minaj. It’s not my fault, I got confused. I didn’t realise there was a deluxe re-issue of “Roman Reloaded”, and so thought if there was another great song on it, I’d have heard about it after my extensive review of the album.

Nicki minaj va va voomBut no, if quality control wasn’t already an issue on “Roman Reloaded”, then I’m a little dubious that an extra disc of 8 new tracks was a great idea. But then Nicki has never been one to operate on normal logic.

Fortunately the big pop single from this new disc is another RedOne production, after the amazing pop singles from the original album. As a result it’s a great mix of squelchy electro dance music and pop hooks.

Nicki’s doing her usual mad-eyed detached-from-reality look, while singing about some hot married guy she wants to get with. It’s classy stuff as ever, but it’s a good fit musically, doesn’t feel like someone else’s cast-off track (hmm, Rihanna doing this is an interesting prospect…).

The chorus is catchy and the delivery is weirdly deadpan, but it works. I think I just have a fascination for Nicki, she’s such an odd character isn’t she? The video does little to change my mind on this matter; we’ve got barely-fitting outfits, unicorns, a barely-fitting outfit in the shape of a unicorn, murder, magic mirrors, and the usual crazy-eyed madness. Not really sure what the narrative here is, but when has that ever made a difference?

And if you don’t like it? Her third album is mere months away…


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