Song: Christina Perri – “A thousand years” (2011)

Is it 2004? I miss that time, full of an array of seemingly hopeless female singer-songwriters. With them came artfully constructed acousticy pianoey ballads, sometimes angst, sometimes depressing. There’s still a place in my heart for those artists. What happened, Lucie Silvas? The future seemed so bright. Vanessa Carlton? Where did it all go wrong?

Christina Perri A Thousand YearsNo doubt many of them are still writing under their own steam, perhaps for other artists. Who might be the next Sia, plucked from relative obscurity to write for some of the biggest stars in the world? I suspect it might not be Christina Perri, or at least not yet.

She’s sealed her place in that specific hall of fame by having a massive hit, but no massive follow-up. I’m talking about “Jar of Hearts” (or “Jar of farts” as it’s tempting to hear). It totally nailed its demographic, and still persists on commercial radio here. But Christina was canny enough to score a big movie song, co-writing “A Thousand Years” for the final pair of “Twilight” movies.

It’s a really gorgeous waltzy little number, with a very simple melody and lyrics, but it’s carried off so efficiently.  It’s on-message, easily relatable to vampires, but also to the devoted romantics whose timeless loves will echo through the ages (*rolls eyes*). But call me sentimental, it’s beautiful in its simplicity.

Christina’s voice might not have much that’s really unique about it, but it’s still got a lovely rich tone to it, and the production just sweeps along like a dream. It took me a long while to catch up and appreciate this, but it will stand the test of time I think.


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