A busybody? How dare you. I’ll have you know this was on my “to-do” list for ages and I kept putting it off.

I’ve spent most of my day doing two things:

FilingThe first was getting annoyed that my mechanic hadn’t called me back to say I could pick up my car. The new stereo my housemate and I installed (mostly him) sent the electronics screwy, and while I had a nice working CD player again, my central locking stopped working, and a few other electrical anomalies. Fortunately he seems to have fixed most of them, but still, there went my Saturday.

The second was making navigation easier on this blog. We hit 400 posts this week, and I’d been meaning to have some sort of index of these posts, so people could browse a little more easily. I spent as long trying to find a shortcut as it took to copy and paste all the links into a spreadsheet individually, which is what I ended up doing.

So now there are several new tabs along the top of the screen:

  1. Home – That’s always there, it just takes you back to the default screen
  2. About – A description of me and the blog etc. I don’t like it, but it’s the done thing, isn’t it?
  3. Malmö 2013 – Which will, over the coming months, become a hub for all the Eurovision 2013 posts I’ll be doing
  4. Baku 2012 – This has been there for ages, and lists all the Eurovision 2012 posts I made, along with a rather loud-looking array of flag logos.
  5. ESC – I’ll be doing retro Eurovision countdowns during the year, so they’ll be listed here. Also any Eurovision-adjacent things like Melodifestivalen, Junior Eurovision, or the ABU TV & Song Festivals will be here too. Though national selections for 2013 and 2013 will be listed under the “Malmö 2013” and “Baku 2012” tabs instead.
  6. Music – A list of all the album and song reviews I’ve written, as well as the back catalogues I’ve reviewed from a select few artists.
  7. The Rest – A list of all the movie reviews, computer game reviews, and random posts like this that I’ve made.

Yes I’m sure it’ll be a pain to upkeep, I’ll do it regularly but not every time I make a post. Just hope it’s useful! Have a browse, maybe you’ll see something you missed!

This was a bit of a cop-out of a post, wasn’t it? But I’ve put the work in!! … OK fine, look at this freaky science experiment instead. You can skip to 1:15 without missing anything.


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